1. Tutorials and Presentations

All users need to have a basic knowledge of UNIX and a basic but sufficient proficiency with simple commands. Here we provide links to RCIC-authored presentations and links to online tutorials.

RCIC presentations

RCIC overview - presentation given during the June 4th, 2021 virtual symposium of UCI’s Research Cyberinfrastructure Center (RCIC). Symposium agenda can be found here

December 2020 tutorial This tutorial covers the following topics to help users move from HPC to HPC3 cluster:

  1. What are the differences between HPC3 and HPC

  2. Basics of Linux and Shell necessary for running jobs on HPC

  3. How to search for modules/programs? What are the differences between modules and programs? How to download modules/programs? How to set environment?

  4. How to run jobs? What queues are available? What are the common problems?

Online tutorials

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education Many topics as separate lectures, including Shell Tools and Scripting, Editors (Vim), Command-line Environment, Data Wrangling, Git, security and more.

The Software Carpentry teaches basic skills via workshops and lessons, here are direct links:

  1. The UNIX Shell The Unix shell fundamentals

  2. Introduction to Python Learn the basics of Python programming language.

  3. Introduction to R Learn the basics of R programming language.