1. Recharge Overview for RCIC Services

1.1. Guiding principles

RCIC is funded through central campus to provide a baseline of centralized, research computing and data services. When research program needs exceed this baseline, additional capacity can be purchased through recharge. It should be noted, that rates apply only to UCI researchers (faculty, research faculty, research staff).

Item Rate Commitment Notes

Storage Related Recharges

CRSP Replicated Storage



Two-copy storage, available on campus network. Daily Backups. Available from Campus Network or VPN

BeeGFS Parallel Storage

$100/TB/5 Years

5 Years

Single copy, high-performance storage. Daily Backups. Accessible only from HPC2/HPC3

Selective Backup Storage

$100/TB/5 Years

5 Years

Second copy of user-selected file systems on HPC2/HPC3

Computing Related Recharges on HPC3

Server installation



Researcher-owned equipment can be added to HPC3 for a one-time charge

Node Purchase

$10K/CPU-only server, $35K/GPU-enabled server2

Equipment warranty period + 1 year

Hardware purchases add capacity for the owner. Equipment can remain in the cluster for warranty period + 1 year.

CPU Hours


Minimum: 10000 core-hours block

Prepaid core-hours on HPC3. Valid for 1 year after purchase.

GPU Hours


Minimum: 250 GPU-hours block

Prepaid GPU-hours on HPC3. Valid for 1 year after purchase.

Free Queue Hours


Jobs running on the Free queue may be terminated at anytime

1 Proposed rates are in the process of being approved by the UCI recharge rate review process. These have not been finalized.

2 These are rough estimates. Exact pricing depends upon configuration.