The people behind RCIC


Philip Papadopoulos, Ph.D

Director, Research Cyberinfrastructure Center

Cluster and Scalable Filesystem design and implementation. High-performance networking.

207 MSTB, x45343,


Joseph Farran

HPC Architect and Principal HPC administrator

HPC, high performance computing and storage, cluster computing, parallel computing, Unix system administration

209 MSTB, x45551,


Francisco Lopez

System administrator and SRE Lead

Unix system administration, secure computing, cloud computing

238 MSTB, x48818,

Harry Mangalam, Ph.D

Research Facilitator, BioInformatics

High performance computing and storage, open source computing, bioinformatics

225 MSTB, x40084,

Allen V. R. Schiano, Ph.D

Associate Director and CRSP project manager

Physics, campus policy, high-performance computing

212 MSTB, x42829,

Joulien Tatar, Ph.D

NSF Campus Cyber-Infrastructure Engineer

High performance networking, data acquisition, physical sciences computing, archival storage, cloud computing Slack:, Zoom PMI: 280-777-3233, 223 MSTB, x48402

Imam Toufique

CRSP Lead and HPC System Developer

Unix system administration, cluster computing, high performance storage, high-availability

211 MSTB, x43239,


James Walker

HPC User Support and Software Installation

HPC support, Linux software installation

223 MSTB,

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