1. No-cost allocations

RCIC is funded through central campus to provide a baseline of centralized, research computing and data services. The following table summarizes the no-cost allocations for campus researchers. The recharge table provides more details on costs.

Capability No-Cost Allocation How Often How to Expand Expansion Costs

HPC3 CPU Hours

100000[1] Core-Hours

Every 6 months

Cycle Purchase, Hardware Purchase

$.01/Core-Hour, ~$10K/baseline node

HPC3 GPU Hours

1000[2] GPU-Hours

Every 6 months

Cycle Purchase, Hardware Purchase

$.01/Core-Hour, ~$35K/baseline node

CRSP Highly-available Storage

1 TB

Never Expires



Cluster Parallel Storage



TB/ 5 years

$100/TB/ 5 Years

Home Area Storage

50 GB

Never Expires[3]

Not Expandable


1. Max allocation as available hours to be used during the next 6 month interval. Allocation adjusted dependent on actual use.
2. Because of limited physical resources,PI must specifically request allocation
3. When a user no longer has an active UCINetID, files are removed