News from RCIC and elsewhere

CRSP HAProxy load balancer maintenance on June 11th, 2019

Thursday, May 30 2019 by Imam Toufique

CRSP HaProxy servers will undergo maintenance on June 11th 2019, between 7AM PST - 8AM PST. There is no planned user service interruption during this time. However, if access to CRSP is disrupted due to any unforeseen issues, service will be restored as soon as possible.

Thank you, for your patience!

Campus Research Storage (CRSP) Enters Full Production

Wednesday, May 15 2019 by Philip Papadopoulos

The Campus Research Storage Pool has entered full production. Approximately 1200 faculty and researcher accounts have been created and are active. Each faculty/researcher is allocated 1TB of highly-reliable, no-cost storage to utilize for research purposes. Additional space can be purchased.

CRSP storage can be accessed from a standard web browser, a site-licensed client for Windows/Mac desktops, sshfs for Linux, and as a directly-mounted file system on the HPC Cluster.

RCI Symposium to be held at Calit2 04/04/2019

Thursday, Mar 21 2019 by Philip Papadopoulos

The RCI symposium has been scheduled as forum for the UCI community to shape research cyberinfrastructure.

Filipp Furche, chair of the RCIC Executive Committee sent an all campus invitation to the symposium.

Lunch will be provided for registered participants

CRSP Hardware Delivered

Friday, Jan 25 2019 by Philip Papadopoulos

Campus resource storage cluster CRSP has been physically delivered to UCI. RCIC is currently working on configuration and acceptance testing.

We expect friendly users to have access near Mid February.