HPC3 Policies


HPC3 policies are needed to primarily address issues such

  • How is contention for acquiring and using resources addressed?

  • How does one balance high utilization against wait times for jobs to start ?

  • What are principles to enable and support long-running jobs

  • Are there ways to support priority boosting for jobs with specific deadlines (e.g. grants and publications)

  • How can groups that contributed resources be ensured their fair share?

The questions above have no single "right" answer and this means that any policy employed on HPC3 must be tuned to balance the wide range of needs specifically for the UCI research community. It also means, that any implemented policy must be fluid and flexible.

The RCI Vision Document (cached) provides the rationale for what research cyberinfrastructure should be and some new features that need to be implemented. This document was the output of a faculty-lead committee, who completed their work in 2016.

In 2018, the RCIC began the process of crafting a policy/usage document that could provide the framework for creating HPC3 and the principles by which it would run. The HPC3 subcommittee of the RCIC advisory committee edited and refined the initial version. Going forward, this document will continually be updated to reflect adjustments and refinements.