Installing WebDrive for Windows

Table of Contents

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems



Windows 8 / Windows 10

macOS 10.13 ( High Sierra ) / macOS 10.14 ( Mojave )

Minimum Hardware Requirements



Pentium Class Processor / Minimum 4GB of RAM ( 8GB Recommended ) / Minimum 1GB of disk space

Intel X86 32 or 64 bit processor / Minimum 1GB of disk space / OSX Fuse version 2.5.4

There might be some users running Windows 7. Althogh Windows 7 is supported by WebDrive vendor, RCIC does not support automated installation for Windows 7. Users are requested to upgrade their Windows PC/laptops to windows 8 or higher.
A direct internet connection is required for WebDrive software activation. Moreover, you must be in UCINET for automated installation to work.

Download WebDrive

**If you have a different (previous or newer) version of WebDrive, please uninstall it.

Download RCIC supported WebDrive for Windows.

Install WebDrive application

By default, the file is downloaded in your Downloads directory. Find the downloaded file, double click on it to launch the installation. This installation includes the licensed version of WebDrive and the basic setup for CRSP.

Windows Defender may put up the following warning screen (this is normal for Windows), you should click on More Info and then Run Anyway.

Windows Protection (Click More Info) 333

Windows Protection (Click Run Anyway) 333

Once double-clicked, a splash screen ( see below ) will appear. DO NOT close the screen, as it will close automatically once installation is complete.

Splash DOS window


Congratulations! WebDrive is now installed in your system!

You should restart your system at this time.

Logon to CRSP shares

Double-click on the webdrive icon on your desktop. By default, your CRSP HOME directory is mapped, and top level CRSP share is mapped in WebDrive setup. This means you will see folders for home and lab.

WebDrive Main Window


Double-click on any of the pre-configured shares, enter your UCINETID and UCINET password to logon to the share.

The default pre-set share is setup with the top level share. For convenience, we suggest that you set up a direct link to your primary lab
You can set up several different shares via web drive. You can add additional shares by consulting How to map new shares for setting up a custom share.
WebDrive login Window


Having trouble accessing your CRSP shares? Consult our Troubleshooting Guide.