Costs to use and expand CRSP

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Guiding principles

CRSP is funded through central campus to guarantee a fixed amount of no-cost storage to any faculty member/staff researcher who requests space. The current no-cost (baseline) allocation is 1TB (Terabyte) per researcher.

These campus funds pay for the people, the baseline infrastructure, and vendor maintenance required to provide the robust infrastructue. Researchers who require more capacity than the baseline allocation, can purchase additional capacity, billed annually via campus recharge. The recharge is computed on the basis of recovering the cost of additional space.

The planned recharge rate is $60/TB/year.

Common questions about recharge/allocation

Exactly who entitled to baseline allocation?

All ladder faculty and any UCI employee who can serve as PI or Co-PI on an extramural grant

Can departments purchase CRSP space to store business data?

No. CRSP is designed and funded for research data. Storing non-research data compromises CRSP’s status as research equipment (which has significant tax implications)

Can the recharge be used to expand my baseline allocation?

Yes. You will always have your baseline allocation. For example, if you were to purchase 10TB ($600) and add to your baseline, you would have 11TB of allocated space.

Am I charged on how much space I use on some sort of average basis?

No. This is a capacity recharge similar to purchasing an N Terabyte disk dedicated for your use. If you are utilizing only 1/2 of the space, you are still charged for your purchased capacity.

Can I purchase storage anytime of year?


Can expand space more than once?

Yes. We track when each of your space allocations expire and recharge appropriately. Multiple purchases can be used to expand your space

What happens if I can’t pay for my space

You will be required to bring your utilized capacity to be within your baseline allocation. RCIC can work with you to move data off of CRSP in a timely manner. If a researcher is unresponsive to reducing how much space is being utilized, access to all data in this space will be frozen (no read or write access). If, after multiple attempts, the owner of the space remains unresponsive, data will be deleted (randomly) to be within baseline allocation.

Can researchers pool their baseline allocation to make one large space?

No. The personnel overhead required to accomodate this is all cases is simply too high to make it cost-effective to support this kind of optimization..

Are there any network in/out charges (similar to commercial cloud storage)?

No. CRSP is connected at high-speed to the campus network and leverages this existing resource.

Can I grant access to my storage to others at UCI?

Yes. Under your control, you can add people (by the UCINetID) to have read, write or read/write access to your storage.

Can I grant access to my storage others outside of UCI?

You would need to sponsor a UCINetID for an external user. CRSP will likely add a service that allows web-based access for users based upon their home university credentials.