Accessing CRSP shares over NFS

1. Access CRSP from HPC/HPC clusters

There are separate home and lab are areas for users HOME and LAB shares for each account.

In HPC environment, CRSP shares are exported in /share/crsp:

[user@login-x:~]$ ls /share/crsp

1.1. HOME

CRSP HOME area is /share/crsp/home/USERNAME :

  • it is a placeholder for login related files

  • it is not the same as your cluster account’s $HOME

  • Do not store anything in your CRSP HOME

1.2. LAB

LAB area is your primary storage area and should be in /share/crsp/lab/USERNAME directory, or any other directories you have quota allocation for.

If you are a PI and it’s your lab USERNAME and LABNAME are your UCNetID

/share/crsp/lab/LABNAME you can create any directories and files

/share/crsp/lab/LABNAME/USERNAME your PI personal space

If you are added to a PI lab (e.g., you are a student/postdoc in the lab) USERNAME is your UCNetID and LABNAME is your PI UCNetID

/share/crsp/lab/LABNAME/USERNAME personal space, you and PI can read/write

/share/crsp/lab/LABNAME/share shared among lab members, all can read/write

The following example shows the directory structure and permissions for a PI panteater who has a lab and added 2 students:

[user@login-x:~]$ ls -ld /share/crsp/lab/panteater
drwxr-x--T 3 panteater panteater    512 Mar  6 15:58 /share/crsp/lab/panteater

[user@login-x:~]$ ls -l /share/crsp/lab/panteater
drwx--S--- 2 panteater panteater_lab       2048 Jul 12 10:22 panteater # access by PI
drwxrws--- 2 student1  panteater_lab        512 Apr 29 10:27 student1  # access by student1/PI
drwxrws--- 2 student2  panteater_lab        512 Apr 29 10:27 student2  # access by student2/PI
drwxrws--T 4 panteater panteater_lab_share  512 Nov  2  2020 share     # access by all in lab

1.3. Quotas

File /share/crsp/home/USERNAME/quotas.txt in your CRSP HOME area provides information about quotas:

[user@login-x:~]$ ls -ld /share/crsp/home/panteater
drwx-----T 9 panteater panteater   2048 Mar  7 17:44 /share/crsp/home/panteater

[user@login-x:~]$ cat  /share/crsp/home/panteater/quotas.txt
-rw------- 1 panteater panteater   1247 Jul 15 10:16 quotas.txt
  • If you are a PI of the lab you will be able to see the usage of your lab quota for all lab members.

  • If you are a member of the lab you will be able to see only what you have used from the lab quota allocation.

2. Moving data to CRSP

Once you determine your respective shares, use rsync to move data from your HPC3 storage to respective CRSP area.

For example, to recursively copy your dirX/ directory with its contents from DFS6 filesystem to your LAB share on CRSP:

[user@login-x:~]$ rsync -rv /dfs6/pub/paneater/dirX /share/crsp/lab/panteater/

Please see guides below that provide more information and explain how to get an account, use CRSP and get help:

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