Installing WebDrive for MacOS

Table of Contents

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems



Windows 8 / Windows 10

macOS 10.13 ( High Sierra ) / macOS 10.14 ( Mojave )

Minimum Hardware Requirements



Pentium Class Processor / Minimum 4GB of RAM ( 8GB Recommended ) / Minimum 1GB of disk space

Intel X86 32 or 64 bit processor / Minimum 1GB of disk space / OSX Fuse version 2.5.4

Although the installer might work for MacOS older then MacOS "High Sierra" or "Mojave" as stated above under Minimum Requirements list, RCIC does not guarentee that the software will work in an older MacOS.
A direct internet connection is required for WebDrive software activation. Moreover, you must be in UCINET for automated installation to work.

Download WebDrive for MacOS.

If you have a different (previous or newer) version of WebDrive, please uninstall it. Follow the instructions exactly as described below.

Download RCIC supported WebDrive for MacOS.

Install WebDrive application

By default, the file is downloaded in your Downloads directory.

Open the terminal application, choose one the processes below:

  • Finder icon -→ Applications-→ Utilities, then double-click on the Terminal app.

  • by spotlight search. Press [command] + [space bar] , type Terminal, and press [return] key.

Once the Terminal app is opened, run the following commands.

( If your default Downloads directory is somewhere else, navigate to that directory with the 'cd' command described below. )

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ unzip
$ cd WebDriveMac
$ chmod a+x ./
$ ./

The script will prompt for your password. Note that this is NOT your UCINETID password. This is most likely your MAC systems local login password. Type your password when prompted by the script. The script will then continue with installation.

If you get an warning message FUSE installation, please enable FUSE extension by going to "Open System Preferences". Note that, without FUSE support, Webdrive won’t work in your system
Screenshot FUSE warning for enabling FUSE extension in MacOS


If your system is managed by OIT, where you might not have admin rights to your system, the script might not work. In that case, contact OIT to allow you to install programs in your system. RCIC does not support MAC systems for any users in the UCI campus.

Once the script is run, script will prompt for your MAC system login password. Refer to the screen shot below.

Screenshot WebDrive install prompting for password in MacOS


A full script execution should look like the screenshot below

Screen shot of full script run for WebDrive install in MacOS


Congratulations! WebDrive is now installed in your MAC system!

If you encounter issues with the installation, feel free contact CRSP support team via e-mail at .

Although it is not required, you should restart your system at this time.

Once WebDrive is installed, map your CRSP 'HOME' and 'LAB' areas for WebDrive. Please note that there are three sections listed below. It is important that you follow the instrcutions properly, otherwise you might end up with undesired setup, which might lead to confusions and support calls to CRSP team.

Mapping CRSP shares