File Browser

1. Accessing the File Browser

A simple, easy to use file browser is offered for accessing CRSP shares. It is platform independent and should be compatible with most browsers.

Be sure your system is updated with the latest version of Google Chrome, or Firefox or Safari
Be sure you are registered and setup with UCI DUO
  1. Using your choice of the web browser, logon to the CRSP File Browser. You will see a standard UCI Webauth login screen and will be prompted for UCINETID and password, and then you will be asked for a DUO push authentication:

    UCI Webauth
    Figure 1. Standard UCI Webauth login
  2. Once logged in, you will be presented with the CRSP top level. You can follow the links to your lab areas (shared) or home area (not shared). The file browser will only show you folders for which you have access.

    CRSP toplevel browse
    Figure 2. CRSP Top Level File Browser
    We recommend that you perform most work on CRSP in your lab area. Lab areas are more flexible than home areas for sharing. You can be granted access to multiple lab areas, but only you will have access to your home area. For data that you want to keep completely private and never share with others, then your home area is appropriate.

2. Navigating the File Browser

The File Browser is fairly easy to navigate, with some very basic sets of functions.

2.1. Create/modify/delete files and directories

2.1.1. Create files or directories

Click on [New] dropdown button, select [Text file] or [Folder]. Refer to the screenshot below:

crsp file browser dashboard 2
Figure 3. CRSP File Browser create new file/folder

2.1.2. Move files or directories

Select the file or folder, click on [Move], a dialog box will popup, fill in the name of destination folder. Refer to the screenshot below:

crsp file browser dashboard 4
Figure 4. CRSP File Browser create new file/folder

2.1.3. Delete files or directories

To delete one or more files or folders, select files or folders and click on the to delete selected files or/and folders. Refer to the screenshot below:

crsp file browser dashboard 3
Figure 5. CRSP File Browser create new file/folder

2.1.4. Upload/download files and directories

Files or/and folders could be uploaded using drag-n-drop capability by dragging files/folders in the file browser dashboard.

Simply drag any file from your computer, an [upload] button appears in the dashboard, inline with the file/foldername.

Press [upload] button, your file/folder will be uploaded via the file browser. Refer to the screenshot below:

crsp file browser dashboard 6
Figure 6. CRSP File Browser drag-n-drop method file/folder upload
Please note that file browser if suitable for lightweight use of CRSP shares. CRSP Desktop, an SFTP based software is provided by RCIC for moderate to heavy use for CRSP shares. Consult our CRSP Desktop Installation Guides for installation instructions on your Windows or Mac systems.

2.2. In-browser file editing

To use this feature just click on the file, a text editor will open in a new browser tab. After completing edits, to save the edited file, select File Save. Refer to the screenshot below:

crsp file browser dashboard 5
Figure 7. CRSP File Browser in-browser file editing

That’s about it for the file browser. If you encounter issues, feel free to reach out to us at

Please see guides below that provide more information and explain how to get an account, use CRSP and get help:

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