FAQ: Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP)

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we compile and answer frequently-asked questions about CRSP.

I can’t access CRSP from home, Why?

All access modes of CRSP require you to be connected the UCI production network. From home, you must use the campus VPN (virtual private network)

I downloaded Webdrive directly from their website, how do I add the UCI license?

You cannot. CRSP provides both Windows and Mac versions of webdrive that already have the license key embedded. You must use these

I want to add several students/postdocs to my Lab drive, how do I do that?

Please send a request to crsp-support@uci.edu telling us the UCINet IDs and names of the students that you want added. RCIC will eventually making this a self-service capability.

How do I purchase more space?

Please send a request to crsp-support@uci.edu telling us how much space you need.

I want to share my data with non-UCI researchers, can I do that?

You will need to sponsor a UCNetID for your external collaborators. They will then be able to access CRSP using normal mechanisms

I want to publish some of my data on the web, can I do that?

Not yet. This is more complicated than it might appear. The key questions revolve around data security.

Can we combine free space from multiple faculty and make one larger space?

No. In extensive consulation with RCIC Executive committee, the people cost of tracking and implementing such combinations (and all their nuances) outweighed the benefits. …​ …​