Troubleshooting Tips on CRSP Access Methods

sshfs Issues

Issues with Browser based Access

Please note that Browser based access is for lightweight use cases. Typical use case would be for someone who does not have access to WebDrive, NFS, or SSHFS. The following are the known limitations of Web based access method:

  • It may take longer to popupate the file browser if there are lots of files in a directory. In our lab tests, we were able to load around 2000 files in the file browser.

  • Uploading large size files with file browser can be hectic if you have slow internet connection, or if your connection is interuppted. If your large data sets, use SSHFS(for Linux) or WebDrive (for MAC and Windows).

  • Running the file browser in Firefox does not provide the best user experience. Chrome or safari seems to work better with the file browser.

  • Since the file browser works with campus shibboleth authentication, it will timeout and expire as soon as browser authentication expires. That means a re-authentication will be required.

  • If you encounter UCI DUO authentication issues, you will not be able to logon to CRSP web based access. For more infomation on UCI campus DUO authentication questions or issues, visit OIT DUO authentication page.

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