Welcome to the Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP)

1. Overview

CRSP is a network-based multi-Petabyte storage cluster for the UCI campus research community. It is being put in place so that researchers across UCI have a reliable and resilient location to store their research data and share with defined groups.

CRSP is available across the network, it supports multiple modes of storing and retrieving data including web browsers, "folders" on laptops or desktops, and just another file path on UCI’s High-performance computing clusters.

While there are many possible use cases, a driving one is:

A faculty researcher and the data needed to support the research lab, graduate students and postdocs. In this model, a lab "area" is created on CRSP and logically owned by the researcher. The drive owner can specify additional users who have read/write capability on the area and how much space each could consume.

CRSP must not be used to store personally-identifiable information that would fall under guidelines such as FERPA (e.g. Student data), and HIPAA (health-care data). If you are unsure if CRSP is suitable for your data, please refer to general guidance for data security provided by the UCI Office of Research

2. Allocations

UCI Faculty members can have two types of allocations

  1. No cost baseline allocation: 1TB per researcher

    CRSP is funded through central campus to guarantee a fixed amount of no-cost storage to any faculty member or staff researcher who requests space. These campus funds pay for the people, the baseline infrastructure, and vendor maintenance required to provide the robust infrastructure.

  2. Recharge allocation: recharge rate is $60/TB/year, please see price

    Researchers who require more capacity than the baseline allocation, can purchase additional capacity, billed annually via campus recharge. The recharge is computed on the basis of recovering the cost of additional space. The allocation owners can grant access to their spaces to students, postdocs, and other faculty members.

2.1. How to purchase more CRSP storage:

Please send a request to hpc-support@uci.edu telling us

  • how much CRSP space you need (TB)

  • for how long (years)

We will create an MOU and sent to the PI for signing and will ask for a recharge index. Once the MOU is signed, additional allocation space is created.

Please see guides below that provide more information and explain how to get an account, use CRSP and get help:

CRSP Howto Guide

Troubleshooting CRSP Access

Frequently asked questions

LAB allocation

File recovery


CRSP Access

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