About RCIC

UCI RCIC is the focal point of contact for providing High Performance Computing clusters for researchers throughout the campus. RCIC also is responsible for maintaining CRSP and DFS storage systems.

Access to RCIC resources are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.

1. Contact

For all HPC and CRSP related questions send email to hpc-request@uci.edu

2. People


Philip Papadopoulos Ph.D


217 MSTB, x45343

Director, Research Cyberinfrastructure Center

Cluster and Scalable Filesystem design and implementation. High-performance networking.

Ivan Chang, Ph.D


Sprague Hall x46023

Project Specialist, Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics, Containerized computing, System administration


Francisco Lopez


238 MSTB, x48818

System administrator and Storage expertise

Unix system administration, secure computing, cloud computing

Nick Santucci


225 MSTB, x40084

Systems Administration and Software integration

Unix system administration, cluster computing, high performance storage, software development

Joulien Tatar, Ph.D


223 MSTB, x48402

Slack: rcicos@slack.com

Zoom PMI: 280-777-3233

NSF Campus Cyber-Infrastructure Engineer

High performance networking, data acquisition, physical sciences computing, archival storage, cloud computing

Imam Toufique


211 MSTB, x43239

CRSP Lead and HPC* System Developer

Unix system administration, cluster computing, high performance storage, high-availability

Nadya Williams, M.S.


219 MSTB, x43239

Software Integration and provisioning Specialist

Unix system administration, Software Development, Direct Engagement